How It Works


Have you decided whether you need a historical researcher? If so, please send me an e-mail that describes the following. (Feel free to copy-and-paste this list into your e-mail, if you wish.)

  • Your story's genre.
  • Your story's setting: time and location.
  • Any relevant plotlines. (You needn't send a manuscript; just briefly summarize any plotlines that affect research you want done.)
  • Any specific research questions you have.
  • What types of research you'd like me to do.
  • How much research you've already done on this project. (But don't send your actual research yet.)
  • Any questions or concerns you have at this point.

If I think I can be of help to you, I'll discuss payment with you. If I have to schedule you for a later date, I'll let you know. If I think you'd be better served by a different researcher, I'll give you advice on various places to seek researchers.


If you decide to wait in line for my services, I'll contact you roughly a week before I'm ready to work with you, to make sure you're ready. If there's no queue for my services, I'll proceed to the next step.


Once it's close to the time I'm ready to do research for you, I'll send you an invoice so that you can make your payment through your preferred payment method. I'll also send you a contract to sign.


At this point, if you have any prior research you'd like me to see, please e-mail the research to me. Send me anything you have that would help me from duplicating the research you've already done: notes, booklists, bookmarks, etc. Also, if you'd like information from me on doing offline research, be sure to let me know in which location or locations you'll be doing your offline research.


I'll need to receive your payment and the signed contract before I start work. If I have any further questions, I'll e-mail you. Otherwise I'll acknowledge receiving what you sent and then will let you know when I start work on your project.


I'll start by reviewing any research material you've sent; then I'll put together a research plan. I may e-mail you with questions before I start the actual research. Be sure to continue to keep your eye on your e-mail; as the research proceeds, I may send you intermediate questions that I have.


At the end of the block of time you've paid for, I'll send you an electronic timesheet showing the hours I worked on your project, a general overview of what I found, a detailed report with links and other information, and any files to which I can't link directly.


Be sure to evaluate the sources. If you would like publish any of the sources, be sure to check that their legal status permits republication.


If you have any follow-up questions, or if you'd like me to do additional research, just let me know.